Edson Magallanes hails from Lima, Peru where he originally studied design at Lima’s Montessori School for Graphic Design. He worked at and eventually managed a print shop in Lima before leaving his family behind to emigrate to the United States at the age of 25.Living the American dream for Edson has meant continually striving to better himself and exceed his previous expectations and it’s in that spirit that Edson has risen through the ranks as an entrepreneur in suburban Virginia.

As he was transitioning to becoming a business owner, Edson resolved to put himself in the best position for himself and his family to succeed in business by taking courses at Westwood College in Annandale in construction management. It was there, that Edson found his calling in Real Estate.

Within the same year, Edson was hired to be a short-sale senior negotiator for one of the largest teams in the region: Jennifer Young Homes at Keller Williams Realty.  Since joining the team at the end of 2009, he has completed over 500 short-sales transactions.

In October of 2018, he established himself as the team leader for Gainestown Realtors, LLC.

Additionally, Edson lives in Gainesville and is the married father of two sons. His two main passions outside of work are reading books on personal development and soccer. He is a licensed soccer coach and has the goal of creating a league where the teams are unburdened by financial costs.

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